Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump and the GOP are the reason for the HATE that is causing the shootings, knifings and beatings of minorities.

It was okay when it was just a lady Democrat getting shot in the head. It was okay when it was just twenty six year olds in a school.4:21 PM · Jun 14, 2017

Was okay when it was a black President being burned in effigy or asking "2nd amendment people to do something" abt a woman candidate.

Was okay when it was folks walking, driving, living while black.

It was okay 153 times in 165 days this year, but now, NOW rich white people are getting shot at and lines must be drawn.

And now--NOW--it is all the fault of the party that is telling the truth about what those rich white guys want to do to their constituents.

The party that wanted to do things like deny guns to people with arrest records for domestic violence, by the way. The party of gun*sense*.

And now these people that hang around outside mosques open-carrying so as to intimidate peaceful worshippers--

These people who refused to re-up the Violence Against Women Act and who treat violence as their religion--

--are going to cry on the news because "my kid was at that field with me." Yes. Because 153 other times this year, it was other folks' kids.

And you did not give one single shit about any of them. Not one. Because guns were sacred to you when it was our lives.

Now it's your life, and your supporters are all over Facebook like "OMG KATHY GRIFFIN," bc when Obama was lynched in effigy for EIGHT YEARS

that was all fine, but now that someone is angry about a white President who wants to kill thousand of poor Americans, that's unthinkable.

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