Sunday, June 4, 2017

Travel Ban: Trump and Judges go to court - People's Court: SNL

Saturday Night Live doesn’t do “crossover” sketches often. If you were paying attention last night, however, you caught a pretty good Easter Egg. In the opening sketch, Melissa McCarthy, parodying Sean Spicer again, told a reporter that President Trump would be taking his case to “The People’s Court.” When told that it wasn’t a real court in our justice system, “Spicer” angrily pointed out that they even say before cases that “the cases are real — the verdicts are final!!!”
Fast forward to the latter part of the show — A People’s Court Trump sketch. Using the familiar theme and introduction to the longtime TV court drama show, Trump comes out as the plaintiff claiming that “some phony judges are being mean to him. he’s looking for broad unchecked power”  followed by the three Ninth Circuit Court judges who have to defend themselves for “knowing the Constitution.”
The judge even reminds Trump that the People’s Court is a T.V. court. Trump replies “that’s o.k. I’m a T.V. President.”
Trump asks the judge what he is supposed to call a female judge? Maybe a flight attendant?
When she begins to address the Circuit Court judges, Trump tries to call them “so-called” judges. The judge reminds him that they are very real — more real than her.
Trump brings in a character witness. Someone who has known him a long time and has impeccable credentials — Vladamir Putin. Putin asks people to “lay off” Trump as he is his “little happy meal.”
Abruptly after Putin’s testimony, Trump offers to “settle.” The judge explodes on him and says that she just wants one day without a CNN alert that terrifies her. She just wants to watch the Grammys in peace with no Trumpian politics scaring her. She dismisses the case.
Next on the docket — The plaintiff, Donald J. Trump. This time, the defendant is a manager at Nordstrom.
Check out the full hilarious clip below. Aside from the multitude of gags we didn’t mention here (cause we don’t like to spoil too much), check out Trump’s gallery behind him which is a cornucopia of SNL characters from the administration that the show has parodied;

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