Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trump Voters now say they would vote for Hillary.

This Trump voter may be the start of a trickle that will turn into a stream and eventually a river. Now that the cultural, racial, and hateful endorphin rush is over, reality is setting in for Trumpsters. They are now thinking about their personal economies, that which feeds them. Expect this reaction from several more going forward.

This Trump voter and others waking up

This young man believed Trump's fallacies during the campaign that were obviously discernable to anyone who was barely analytical. But Trump played on these people's racial animus, xenophobia, sexism, and many other aspects of their dark side which overpowered the minimal analysis that should have made Trump unelectable.
It turns out the Trump voter is upset that Trump wants to cut all the programs he holds dear, programs he and his family depends on to live. If he had his vote back, he would vote for Hillary Clinton.
One of the most difficult things for people to do is to come out and say they were wrong. It is human nature. So many will hang on to Trump until it is just impossible to tolerate the pain he is inflicting on them and their loved ones. I covered some of this in the piece titled "Progressives blowing 2018 with too many resources relegated to Russia."
The Trump voter in the CNN video is looking for a place to go. He feels played by Trump. Progressives trying to win have two choices. They can tell him how stupid he was for voting for Trump or they can embrace him and turn him into, in Bible parlance, a fisher of men. I choose the latter.
There were three distinct types of Trump voters in the CNN piece, one that has given up on Trump, one hesitant to accept he was wrong, and one that is a cultist. I think that will be the ratio we will be dealing with in 2018. That is all Progressives need. If we meet folks where they are, build relationships, and working on respectfully educating people, it is easy to see that 2018 could be a blowout election for Progressives.
To some, this may seem like wishful thinking. I do not see it that way. I think many times we want to treat human beings like something you can wind up and just have it perform as programmed. People's programming, for many, is volatile and requires priming, refreshing, and updating. I don't mean to sound sterile, I am an engineer by training and tend to view all issues mathematically and pragmatically, but one can see patterns in all our elections that are pretty static. It is that our so called analysts are biased in their assessments.
So let's look at the trickle of Trump voters starting to see the light as an opportunity to expand our base. Let's get it done.

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