Friday, May 5, 2017

This Democrat and those who follow him are assholes! Just read it

Assholes Like This Is Why The Left Is Still Divided

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In the wake of Republicans passing their abomination of a healthcare bill, some took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the people most directly responsible for the mess we’re in right now:

Causal reminder: If you didn't vote for Hillary, you're responsible for this.

This apparently hurt the feelings of one Ben Norton, a writer for Glenn Greenwald’s anti-Hillary The Intercept and he vomited it forth this nugget of pure stupidity:

Reminder: If Hillary won, Dems would be cheering on or silent about the Trump-like policies she'd be implementing 

He doesn’t make it clear which policies those would be. The Muslims ban? Putting a climate change denier in charge of the EPA? A religious fundamentalist with no experience in education in charge of public schools? Giving Vladimir Putin a sloppy blow job? Bringing us to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea? Repealing Obamacare? What kind of fucking idiot thinks like this?
This is the “both sides” bullshit that the lazy hard left falls back on to justify their irrational hatred of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Republicans love it because it allows them to be completely insane and then immediately absolved of their insanity because “The Democrats are just as bad!” The media loves it because it allows them to remain “neutral” in the face of Republican extremism. But the hard left, still struggling to blame everyone else for their failure to support the only candidate that stood between Trump and the White House, is more than happy to wash away their sins by pretending Hillary would have been just as bad. They did the same thing when they put Bush in the White House in 2000. To this day, they will say with a straight face that Gore would have been just as bad.
And this is why the left is not a united whole in the face of the most serious threat to everything we hold dear in more than half a century. Instead of owning up to all the effort they put into tearing down Hillary and the Democrats, the hard left is still working to tear them down to “prove” that they were right all along. After all, if they ever, even for a second, admit that Trump is far worse than Hillary could ever have been, they would have to admit they enabled all of the horrible things Trump is doing that would never have occurred on Clinton’s watch.
For people who’s prime motivation is being morally superior to the rest of us, that is unthinkable. So they continue to wage war against the rest of us on the left because that’s all they can think to do now.

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