Tuesday, May 9, 2017



Senator Bill Cassidy is not your ordinary Republican politician. He seems to have a heart given not only his words but his deeds. It is easy to dismiss any Republican when it comes to any program where government helps people, where the government does the job of government. Jim Cassidy, even though some of his votes were decidedly partisan, in the aggregate, displayed a care for people unlike his party in general. Cassidy is a former Democrat who became a Republican in Louisiana. Irrespective of his stated reason, it was likely a political choice that guaranteed an easier election.
Kimmel pointed out that both Cassidy and his wife are doctors. He cofounded free clinics, The Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, to help the poor and working uninsured in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
Jimmy Kimmel first question was simple enough. Why are Republicans against policies that cover every American? Cassidy deflected a bit and used Trump's pre-election words about getting every American covered at a lower cost. The Senator said America must have insurance that passes the Jimmy Kimmel test.
Kimmel asked if AHCA, Trumpcare, does that. Unlike most Republicans who outright lied, Cassidy went to the facts stating that the CBO said rates would be higher and millions would become uninsured.
Kimmel asked if there should even be a working uninsured in the United States. The Senator said there should not.
Jimmy then went in for the kill.
"Do you believe that every American regardless of income should be able to get regular checkups, maternity care, etc.," Kimmel asked. "All of those things that people who have healthcare get and need?
"Yup," Cassidy replied.
Kimmel kept asking questions that paralleled the protections of Obamacare. The Senator concurred with them all.
As noted by Vox, Obamacare fails the Jimmy Kimmel test somewhat and of course Trumpcare fails it miserably. Trumpcare could be an episode of 'How to Commit Legal Murder.'
In effect, Kimmel has moved the ball. Jimmy Kimmel without using the words got the Senator to 'commit' to Medicare for all / single-payer type policies. And the Senator issued a clarion call to everyday Americans. Call your Senators and demand the Jimmy Kimmel Test.

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