Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PUT TRUMP UNDER OATH: To answer questions about


President Trump needs to be under oath and talk about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower!
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In a flaming editorial, The Hill very cleanly lines out what Donald Trump needs to do after his ludicrous wiretap claims.
Trump has to be called in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify under oath and present any evidence he has on his insane accusations.
So far, no one in Trump’s administration or even in Washington has been able to provide even the slightest slither of evidence that proves that the Obama administration was surveilling Trump during the campaign.
In fact, the Great Negotiator is finding himself in quite the quandary: Should there be, in fact, proof of surveillance officially authorised by the Obama administration, there must be a legitimate reason for these extreme measures.
This will only put Trump and his White House under further scrutiny.
Of course, as is likely, a lack of any evidence whatsoever substantiating Trump’s claim will paint the President as a pathetic lier, even for his standards. The Hill makes this very clear:
“It should be unthinkable, unimaginable and unacceptable that an American president would systematically attack and seek to destroy public trust in core protectors of our democracy including our federal judiciary, our free press and our intelligence services while accusing our last president of criminal acts without offering a shred of evidence.”
It is unbelievable that Donald Trump has created an administration that allows the commander-in-chief to tweet baseless accusations about a former president, while ignoring so many important and relevant areas of legislation. Fact is: If The Donald was running this country in even a slightly presidential manner, he simply would’t have the time to tweet this much.
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Trump needs to be exposed!

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