Sunday, March 26, 2017

Joy Ann Reid - The GOP Health Bill failed because it was just a 2 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut for the wealthiest and to take away President Obama's legacy.

Joy-ann Reid pointed out a reality that most failed to cover appropriately. The utter cruelty of the Trumpcare bill doomed it more than anything else.
"The problems for Republicans is this seventeen-day odyssey reveal three things that are not good for them," Reid said. "Number one, that the zeal was really just about taking this thing that Obama did away which a lot of the people on the Democratic side perceived. Repeal and replace is about taking away Obama's signature achievement. But affirmatively, what did they want to do. Republicans have spent the last thirty-forty years trying to replace this image of callousness toward the poor, callousness toward the elderly, with this idea of compassionate conservatism. That was whisked away over this process. There was a cruelty to this bill that was even apparent to conservative voters, to Republican voters who were shocked at the cruelty. And the third thing and the president has kind of hinted to this too. This was a tax cut. This was an attempt to jam through a giant tax cut for the wealthy to set the stage for tax reform which is another tax cut."
Chuck Todd interjected and said even Republican Charlie Dent (R-PA) corroborated what Joy-ann Reid said about the bill being a tax cut to finance tax reform.
It is so necessary to have Joy-ann Reid's voice with these good old boys on the Sunday programs. She gives a context that is simply not in the viewfinder of most of the morning show panelist. She removed the antiseptic nature of the discussion. The inclusion of the 'cruelty' word to define Trumpcare and the reality that it was so evil that it took many conservatives aback is important. It starts deconstructing many conservative policies that have become vogue in rhetoric and actions

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