Friday, March 3, 2017

Jake Tapper and CNN talk about Session and his forgetting about meetings with Russia

Jake Tapper pointed out that Trump is the real purveyor of fake news whereafter Ted Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter slammed Jeff Sessions.
“President Trump has declared several times that Russia is fake news,” Tapper said. “Anything having to do with Russia is fake news. And he is right in the sense that when it comes to Michael Flynn, and now Attorney General Sessions, they have been saying things that were fake news, at least according to their critics. They have been saying things that are not true. Flynn was not honest with Vice President Pence. And now many members of the judiciary committee think that Senator Sessions, now Attorney General Sessions, was not honest with them. That’s fake news.”
“Well here is the thing that Republicans on the Hill will have to consider,” Amanda Carpenter said. “And I am asking myself. Is this just sloppy staff work where they didn’t just remember meeting or did they not want people to know this meeting occurred? And I am worried for Jeff Sessions. Because I can’t imagine as a staffer — he talked about in that press conference, there are two members of senior staff there. They were approached to have this meeting. Somehow it got on the schedule. If Jeff Session didn’t remember that meeting, which I find shocking given the importance of that person, his staff should have. The red flag should have been pushed. ‘Yes, we did have that meeting. Let’s clean this up with the Senate confirmation hearings. And if he didn’t clean it up, why didn’t you clean it up when the Washington Post came calling. Why did we go hours and hours where Jeff Sessions was approached at the cameras and said, “Oh I don’t know anything about that. It is false.’ Why are we just getting this information now when it would have helped him so much more twelve hours ago. Those are the questions I am asking myself.

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