Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Unpopular President Donald “Tiny Hands” Trump has said that he and other Republicans have big plans for America’s infrastructure. Those plans include putting a halt to infrastructure plans in California as well as privatizing the process, thus ensuring us taxpayers will have to pay twice in order to use things like roads and bridges. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao was on Sean Hannity’s news-gameshow and you could really see that Ms. Chao is not the seasoned scam-artist when it comes to articulating a hussle. After saying how we needed to come up with “new and innovative ways” to revamp our country’s infrastructure, Chao started falling all over herself.
So, basically, we allow foreign inv—uh, we allow different kinds of money, private sector money to come into the United States—I’m not saying foreign—to come and fund, let’s say a bridge or a road or it can be any kind of infrastructure.  
Wow. She just let all of those corrupt and swampy cats out of the bag, didn’t she? Chao takes a detour to do the rhetorical trick of telling you what infrastructure means—broadband and energy and bears, oh my. She then explains what public and private sector “partnerships” are. It allows “private money to come in to help fund public works.” Holy crap, this is literally the Secretary of Transportation talking about our future infrastructure plans.
Hannity, seeing that Chao has no goddamn idea how to articulate herself without sounding like some kind of Alex Jones lizard person, decides to rephrase the madness of this plan to double bill Americans.
If I'm hearing it properly, what you're saying is, for example, if a company were to rebuild a road, they might get their investment back by having a toll on that road and that's where the taxpayers don't pay a penny, they make a profit, it's a win-win? Something like that?
Whoa. You didn’t hear that right, Sean. She’s saying that the federal government, i.e. our tax dollars, will be used in tandem with privatizing the infrastructure costs, thus creating a fake reason for private corporations to profit off of our roads and bridges and transportation systems. Instead of the money you pay on your toll going to a county or a state, it’ll go into ExxonMobil so that you can cross the newly named ExxonMobil bridge. The best part? All of that “money” that corporations “spent” on helping us with their infrastructure will just be “pretend” as they divert our tax money directly into their pockets in a combination of bullshit tax incentives and money-recouping scams like tolls.
Watch four minutes of our country being fleeced 

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