Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bill Maher: Republicans must admit: Legislation is just not their thing.

Watch the video:  The 2nd video is very good too.

Bill Maher started his show by giving Donald Trump and Republicans a deserved tongue lashing in a very entertaining manner.

Bill Maher scorched Republicans

The joke Maher made about crafting legislation is funny but unfortunately very sad as we have given the power of government to undeserving neophytes.
"Republicans just have to admit crafting legislation is just not your thing," Maher said. "Calling into talk radio screaming about Mexicans; Yes. Posting Photoshops of Hillary with devil horns; yes. Naming building after Reagan. Of course. Secret gay sex at highway rest stops; Yes. But not legislation."
The complete demise of Trumpcare is probative. It was incredible how Paul Ryan continued to push a bill with a seventeen percent approval rating. It did not help that the bill scored poorly. The CBO said it would cause 24 million Americans to lose their health insurance. In an attempt to get more support from the Freedom Caucus, the TEA Party brigade, the bill had to get much worse, meaner. Not even making the bill a meaner bill that removed mandatory maternity coverage and many other coverages were they able to persuade the Freedom Caucus to support the bill. Maher is right; they, unfortunately, do not know how to legislate.

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