Friday, January 13, 2017

Keith Olbermann on Gun Ownership: It is a property Contract: (It is to allow Well Regulated State Militias)

Just watch the video:  Well worth it.

This isn’t about gun grabbing, it isn’t about making them illegal, it is about making the act of killing as many people as possible more difficult than, say, buying Sudafed or having a pizza delivered. It is about what Trump will do to make that happen: nothing.

We are faced with a crisis that is being aided and allowed by our current laws. The last 3 major, high profile, shootings were done with legal guns, transported legally. What we are going to do about that now rests with the new administration and GOP-controlled Congress. Trump’s priorities with mass shootings, to paraphrase Olbermann;
1. can he use the tragic deaths allowed by our current legal structure to vilify and control Muslims?
2. Can he exploit the deaths for political power?
3. stopping anyone from responding to the tragedy in a way which would infringe on gun owners rights regardless of the wholesale death that it allows all too easily.

The gun debate is more complicated than simply saying that the Constitution is a property document. Legal, responsible gun ownership is part of the American culture. Many Democrats own guns (35 percent), as well as independents (35 percent) and Republicans (49 percent), are gun owners. What we are missing is that gun control is also part of the American culture, as Olbermann mentions: the shootout at the O.K. Corral, in Tombstone Arizona, was at least in part fought over gun control. That story in itself is worth watching Keith’s clever but level headed rant.

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