Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ivanka Trump tweeted 'LET THEM EAT CAKE' about banned refugees. TWITTER TOOK HER TO TASK.

Ivanka Trump has always been touted as being the “reasonable Trump.” People have claimed she’s the “smart one” and would help keep her father under control. Of course, those who have said that are as delusional as the entire Trump family, but now the proof of Ivanka’s own depravity is coming to light.
On the day after her father signed an executive order which caused Muslim travelers in route to the United States to be detained at our airports, and massive protests erupted – Ivanka Trump tweeted this photo with her husband, Jared Kushner.
Because no matter what the event – there’s a ball for that and rich people will celebrate.
Many people couldn’t resist equating this to an obvious moment in history: Marie Antoinette’s infamous moment saying, “Let them eat cake!”
It’s also worth noting that the photo featured a first class Trumpian style groping. Because that’s how you celebrate the ruination of people’s lives (and really any day that ends in “y”) in the Trump family.
Others just went straight to outrage and shame, reminding the billionaire princess of the events of the day – events she clearly was oblivious to, or simply didn’t care about.
Likely the most provocative response was this, where Ivanka’s extravagance is contrast with that of a little girl who is a refugee and now banned from seeking help in the United States.
This is the First Family. These are the people who the clueless “working man” of America put at the helm to represent them because they “just tell it like it is.”

Yeah, right.

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