Monday, January 9, 2017

GOP don't want background checks on Pussy Grabber Cabinet Folks. HERE IS WHAT GOP REQUIRED OF DEMS going for Cabinet Jobs.

Nothing ANY Republican says can be considered truthful until it is proven to be so.  Let’s face it, part of the strategy for a fascist party like the GOP is to lie to any group and tell them exactly what they want to hear.
McConnell, and GOP senators like McCain, Graham, Collins are going to shove Trump’s cabinet nominees down our throats without letting the American public know the truth about their backgrounds.   
The head of Office of Government Ethics, the federal agency charged with investigating the backgrounds of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, told Senate Democrats on Saturday that the process of vetting Trump’s picks is overwhelming the agency. Director Walter Shaub Jr. also emphasized his concern that Republicans are pushing forward with confirmation hearings for Trump’s nominees before the appropriate paperwork has been completed, and thus before the OGE can confirm that the nominees have no financial, ethical, or criminal red flags.
The Hypocrisy and strong arm tactics of the Grand Ole Fascist party are a direct threat to our democracy.  The GOF has learned well from Trump that you can lie to the public, the media will simply publish your lie in a headline, and the public’s biggest concern will be, who’s on dancing with the stars tonight.

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