Monday, January 30, 2017

A Nazi and Russia loving Racist is now making Military Decisions but Experts are off the Panel to make Decisions.

Donald Trump’s executive order targeting refugees and immigrants may have only been the second most disastrous decision he made this weekend.
On Saturday, Trump quietly demoted the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence from his National Security Council and replaced them with his controversial personal advisor, Steve Bannon. The JCS and DNI are the two leading adivsory positions on the council, making their demotion much, much more than symbolic. 
The decision means the nation’s most vital national security decisions will now be filtered through a political appointee with ties to the Alt Right movement and who just a few months ago was running a highly partisan news web site. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who have always sat in on NSC briefings, will now only attend meetings that directly involve, "issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed," according to Trump’s order.
The move sent shockwaves through the intelligence community and was blasted by prominent figures including Sen. John McCain and former Defense SecretaryRobert Gates, both Republicans.

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