Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump: List of WHAT TRUMP PROMISED TO DO ON DAY 1 of his Presidency! (We are screwed(

It's shaping up to be a busy day! Hillary Clinton, by contrast, has made only a few day-one promises, none of which is as concrete as shaking down European heads of state:


Sienna Smythe said...

I wish the American public good luck with Donald Trump. Canada is just too close to the United States, to not be impacted by the choices of the American people.


Rich said...

Tnankfully, in the background, there is a substantial questioning taking place of the current President Pussy Grabber. His background and owing hundreds of millions to foreign countries is a real question. This is going to be a long four years but I am feeling good that we have a bigger opposition to his choices than shows in the News. President Pussy Grabbers choices for his cabinet are set to dismantle the governmental help that goes to the middle class and poor. REMINDER: President Pussy GOT FEWER VOTES THAN Mrs. Clinton.