Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NSA Chief says Russia unequivocally helped influence the Presidential Election for President-elect Pussy Grabber

Courtesy of Quartz:

The head of the US’s National Security Agency said Nov. 15 that a “nation-state” consciously targeted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, in order to affect the US election. 

In response to a question, Michael S. Rogers, a Naval officer and NSA director since 2014, said on stage at a Wall Street Journal conference that Wikileaks was furthering a nation-state’s goals by publishing hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s presidential campaign weeks ahead of the election. 

“There shouldn’t be any doubt in anybody’s minds, this was not something that was done casually, this was not something that was done by chance, this was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily. This was a conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect,” he said.

Rogers did not name the nation-state in question, nor elaborate on the effect it sought, but he didn’t have to.

This, this is what we should all be focusing on right now.

Donald Trump did NOT win this election.

He allowed, or perhaps encouraged, the Russian government and Wikileaks to steal it for him.

Not only that but for reasons which are currently a little fuzzy right now, the FBI also participated in this, let's face it, act of cyber terrorism.

Now the only question remaining is what are we going to do about it?

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