Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Explaining Presidential Conflict of Interest in under two minutes.

Even though this is end of the hour filler for MSNBC, I found it really useful because Mark Murray takes two minutes to explain very clearly what the problem is with Donald Trump's business holdings, and why he really has to liquidate his business and turn the money over to a blind trust if he wants to be in compliance with, um, The Constitution of the United States, which he is supposed to promise to uphold on Inauguration Day.
TAMRON HALL: Donald Trump's business dealings: now you have a Washington Post report that there may have been issues already with his foundation, a fine [paid to the IRS] and some discrepancies here.
MARK MURRAY: Here's a reason why Donald Trump's business dealings could end up mattering once he takes office. That's something called the Emoluments Clause. someone in government cannot receive compensation from labor or services from a foreign state. as we know Donald Trump has a lot of business ties with either foreign governments or foreign government-backed business interests. Given all of this, it could be a potential problem for him. It's why so many people have argued for him to completely liquidate his holdings to do something where he no longer has ties to his business.
HALL: Who has influence to get Donald Trump to listen to -- I mean, we have had countless people, the drum beat over the concerns. It existed during his campaign. he's not budged. We haven't got more information on the split of the family, who will run the company, the blind trust. The list goes on and on. He's not budged.
MURRAY: Our job as journalists is to bring it to the public. I think there is also a responsibility for Congress.
HALL: Right. that's it.
MURRAY: This is a system of checks and balances. Our system is founded where you have executive, judicial and legislative branch and we already saw one Republican member of Congress, Justin Amash, who said this is a potential problem.
Good on Mark Murray for calling to account everyone who has the power and responsibility to rein in the Trump kleptocracy. But I don't hold my breath that the Republican Congress or Beltway media is going to hold him accountable.

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