Monday, November 7, 2016

Anderson Cooper destroys Trump Campaign Manager for being a hypocrite

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WATCH: Anderson Cooper BEATS DOWN Trump Campaign Manager For Being A Hypocrite

Kellyanne Conway finally got buried by a barrage of questions calling her and Trump out for being hypocrites, and it was totally epic.
When FBI Director James Comey first cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing, Donald Trump attacked Comey and called the system rigged. And then Trump did the opposite when Comey announced the discovery of some more emails. Now Donald Trump is once again attacking Comey.
During an interview on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked Conway to explain why Trump is still saying that Hillary is going to be indicted when the facts don’t support him.
“Wasn’t it irresponsible of him at that point to be saying such things without having any facts, particularly now that Comey has come forward and said there was nothing there?” Cooper asked.
Conway then launched into complaints that Hillary’s campaign attacked Comey, only to be reminded by Cooper that Trump’s campaign has done the same thing every time they didn’t get the result they wanted.
Cooper asked his original question again, and Conway still refused to answer by attacking Clinton. Conway also reasoned that it’s okay for Trump to speculate without facts because some people on CNN have done so. But Cooper told Conway that “just because people jump off a bridge doesn’t mean you should.” Conway finally was forced to say that she doesn’t think Trump is being irresponsible.
Conway then whined about Hillary going negative against Trump, which forced Cooper to remind her that Trump has been going negative throughout his campaign.
Then Conway swerved again and focused on the Clinton Foundation. But once again, Cooper foiled her talking points by noting that we know more about the Clinton Foundation than we know about Trump’s tax returns, because unlike Trump, Hillary released documents.
“Isn’t it a little hypocritical to be using information that you know about the foundation because they actually have released all of their financial records when your candidate hasn’t done any of that?” Cooper asked.
Of course, Conway denied the blatant hypocrisy and quizzed Cooper to answer how Trump made his money. Cooper zinged back by saying people build buildings and Trump slaps his name on them for licensing fees, which made Conway cry foul.
Conway then returned to whining about Hillary’s campaign attacking Comey after praising him in July. But again, Cooper hit Conway with the fact that Trump has also gone back and forth attacking and praising Comey.
And then Conway claimed that Hillary had her maid print out information. Cooper flattened that claim by pointing out that it was a story by the New York Post that hasn’t been confirmed.
Finally, Conway claimed that Hillary is desperate by hanging out with performers like Beyonce and Jay-Z, but claimed that people are only going to those rallies to see the celebrity singers. But when Cooper pointed out that Ted Nugent is appearing with Trump at rallies Conway insisted that people are going to those rallies to see Donald Trump.

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