Friday, October 14, 2016

What a GREAT Anti-Trump Video! This is a must see!

I found it at Immoral Minority!  Thanks Gryf!

Courtesy of the D.C. Douglas website: 

It has been several years since I’ve done a pure Tweaked Nipples Production. I really thought I was going to sit this election out because the insanity, comedy and horror of Donald Trump was so evident. It’s really a farcical culmination of the 2010 Tea Party. 

But… He just HAD to put out an ad today on twitter that inspired me.

The ad that Douglas is referring to is that disgusting ad which Trump put out attacking Hillary for daring to be sick.

And damn does Douglas take it to Trump is a big way.

This video seemed to have EVERYTHING in it and it made me think that perhaps the Clinton campaign might think about hiring this guy to help with ads moving forward.

By the way I checked and we have not had a D.C. Douglas video here on IM since 2011, and that is really too long in my opinion.

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