Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vote Early!!!! I voted Yesterday!!!! A plan to vote early by President Obama


The newest Hillary Clinton campaign ad has a very different tone compared to those that have come before it. For one thing, Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found in the video. Instead, President Barack Obama is the star, with Clinton’s campaign logo appearing the corner of the screen. The focus of the ad is different, too. Rather than focusing on reasons not to vote for Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, President Obama talks to viewers about early voting.
The majority of states offer some form of early voting, making it easier for more people to get to the polls at a time that fits their schedule. While the majority of votes will still be cast on election day, political science professor Michael McDonald predicted about 34 percent of votes would be cast before November 8. Many people have already checked “voting” off their to-do lists, and the results are looking good for Democrats.
Early voting only shows party affiliation, rather than the candidate who was chosen by each voter. However, in key states, including Ohio and Iowa, Democrats have voted in higher numbers than Republicans, presumably for their own party’s candidate. With these results in mind, it seems Clinton and her campaign wanted to get the message out there to the rest of her supporters to cast their votes now, lest something should come up to keep them from the polls on election day.
Having President Obama, who is enjoying very high approval ratings, share the message was a great choice. Both President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have been campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton, making it clear exactly who they want to replace them in the White House.
In the ad, President Obama talks about his greatest strength, which he says is “probably that I’m always early.”
One White House Staffer is interviewed in the video about the President’s tendency to be early and responds, “He’s early to everything. I get to our 6 a.m. meeting at 5:45 — he’s already there.”
Another staffer mocks President Obama, saying, “How you doin’? You fired up, ready to go?” Then, yet another staffer chimes in, “I’m not fired up and ready to go. It’s five o’clock in the f*cking morning.”
The President also makes a great joke about showing up early in order to beat Lebron James in a game of one-on-one before telling viewers what his favorite thing to do early is: voting.
“Why wait until November 8th?” he asks. “When you vote early you can choose the day and the time that works for your schedule. And by the way, you can probably vote before Joe Biden does. It drives him nuts.”
Watch the full ad below, available via Hillary Clinton on YouTube.

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