Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Eichenwald story at Newsweek on Donald Trump and his Business Horror Stories


It is subtitled “The Republican nominee's destructive behavior has victimized cities, businesses, investors, partners and even members of own his family.”   It thoroughly examines Trump’s record to conclusively support the assertion of that subtitle.
Eichenwald starts be retelling the story of the destruction of the Bonwit Teller building (to build Trump Tower) and the use of undocumented and underpaid Polish workers.  The building exterior was considered an architectural monument, in theory Trump was supposed to preserve it, and he did not care how he outraged others in the city so long as he maximized his own profit and promoted his own image.
In the next two paragraphs, Eichenwald lays out his argument:
This incident from long before Trump became a household name is an ideal exemplar for his business career, in which he has repeatedly left bitterness and ruin in his wake. His destructive behavior—spurred by recklessness, arrogance and an unslakable thirst for vengeance—has victimized cities, businesses, investors, partners, even members of his family.
Trump is now completing his biggest and most astonishing demolition: tearing down the Republican Party. Since the disclosure of a recording earlier this month in which Trump demeans women and boasts of sexually assaulting them, the GOP presidential nominee has vowed to make his campaign a scorched-earth mission. He now speaks of vast conspiracies against him involving bankers, the media and politicians, while raging against Republicans who have pulled away from his toxic campaign, ripping open chasms between his zealous supporters and the GOP. Win or lose on November 8, Trump, whose campaign did not respond to Newsweek requests for comment about this article, will leave the Republican Party as damaged as those art deco panels were 36 years ago.

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