Friday, October 21, 2016

Nate Silver explains the Election on Colbert: Trump is losing bigly

Colbert's live show after the Las Vegas Debate/Trumpster Fire featured the man who we all turn to when we want the most accurate polling's Nate Silver. (Still laughing at one of the comments on the video clip that named Nate, 'international sex machine'.)
Stephen reminded Silver that he only once got it wrong: during the Republican Primary process where he did NOT predict the victory of Herr Drumpenf├╝hrer.
COLBERT: Why did you get him wrong?
SILVER: We had silly ideas and didn't look at the polls...the problem is, he has 38% of the vote and Clinton has 45% of the votes. There are some undecideds left. Don't think he did a good job of persuading them tonight.
Colbert, who is also baffled that there still are undecideds left, asked who these people are? He joked,
I don't think they need more information, they need more medication!
Silver gave Colbert some numbers, and none of them look good for Trump. The Republican nominee is having a problem getting Republican votes in Red states, folks. That's the bottom line.
I think at this point, medicating the undecideds and taking a really deep breath is the only option remaining. Deep breath. Deep breath. Only Twenty. More. Days!

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