Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mark Cuban destroys FOX about the Clinton emails.

Mark Cuban Goes On Fox News And Hands Them Their Asses Over Fake Hillary Scandals (VIDEO)

Despite having an A rating  from Charity Watch, Republicans continue to make an issue out of the Clinton Foundation.  Billionaire Mark Cuban appeared on Fox News to discuss the issue of Bill Clinton’s speaking fees going to the Clinton Foundation.
Host Neil Cavuto questioned whether Clinton’s $250,000 speaking fees were inappropriate. Cuban pointed out that the $250,000 was fairly average for an ex-president and pointed out that conservative icon Ronald Reagan made far more than that from speeches.
‘Look. You have to ask yourself, “What’s the market for a former president giving a speech, right?” So first of all, Ronald Reagan was paid more than a million dollars for speeches in 1989. He went to Japan and gave two speeches. Second of all, Bill Clinton made, I think it was $250K give or take, for a lot of speeches. I’ve made $250K for a bunch of speeches. For the most part, he gets paid a little more than I do, but the point is he was right inside the market. He wasn’t getting paid more or less than the market.’
Cavuto tried to make the argument that it wasn’t the amount of money Clinton made, but rather the supposed pay-to-play nature of the arrangement. However, Cuban quickly dismantled that argument by pointing out the lack of evidence for any illegal unethical activity.
‘…They’ve been investigated more than anybody. They’ve turned over all their emails. They’ve talked to everybody who’s ever emailed them and there’s been no support for — ‘
Cavuto then argued that the Clintons have not turned over their emails and that it has required multiple court orders in order to get the most recent release.
‘But Neil I really want to make this point. the FBI talked to everybody that she emailed. So whenever you email there’s two sides right? There’s the sender and the receiver.’
Cavuto then interrupted Cuban to ask whether the Clinton email controversy was a big deal to him. Cuban replied that it’s a non-event and he’s correct. The FBI has investigated Clinton and found no evidence of wrongdoing. People to her right and left have legitimate issues with Clinton regarding policy, but the email issue is nothing more than a distraction. A presidential election should be a discussion about the serious issues facing our country and not about petty controversies that have been investigated several times over.
You can check out the full interview for yourself:

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