Thursday, October 13, 2016

Make America Great Again: A song about those good old days for white men only

Progressive group MoveOn.Org tried to inject some humor into this negative presidential cycle by hosting “Laughter Trumps Hate,” a friendly competition “to find the funniest and smartest comedians to take on Donald Trump and the GOP’s politics of hate.” 

This musical number was a crowd favorite – and we can certainly see why. 

When Trump says “Make America great again,” when exactly does he mean? Most people picture the post WWII 50s – you know the era of white picket fences, root beer floats and sock hops. 

Except, as this Make America Great Again song points out, that era wasn’t so great for a lot of people – like women, people of color or anyone in the LGBT community. 

The humor in this video gets pretty dark – so you may not want to watch this one in front of your boss.

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