Monday, October 24, 2016

Donald Trump THNKS HE IS LEADING WOMEN in Polls in his mind only. (Serious Delusional)

Trump’s Mental State Has Deteriorated So Much That He’s Hallucinating Poll Leads

Donald Trump’s mental state is so far gone that he imagines an election where he leads with women voters.

Donald Trump is not leading with women. In fact, a poll released on Sunday revealed that he is not leading with men either. The idea that Donald Trump thinks that he could be leading with women after he has spent the past 16 months insulting women is far fetched. The idea that a man who has been accused by at least ten women of sexual assault thinks that he is leading with women is insane.
Trump is no longer in touch with reality in any way, shape, or form. When Trump proclaimed himself unshackled what he really meant was that he had cut the tiny final string that kept him occupying the same universe as the rest of us.
Donald Trump’s real time descent into total madness is only part of the story.
The fact that tens of millions of Republican primary voters looked at Trump and thought, “he speaks for us,” is a bigger problem for our country that won’t be resolved after all the votes are counted on November 8th.
Trump’s hamster has finally stopped running on the wheel. All of the polls aren’t wrong. Donald Trump is going to lose with women, bigly.
The only person in the entire United States of America will be surprised by this result is the former resident of Earth known as Donald J. Trump.

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