Thursday, July 28, 2016

227 Hillary Clinton Fact Checks - much better than Trump fact checks.

We've fact-checked 227 statements by Hillary Clinton so far, more than any other figure appearing on the Truth-O-Meter other than President Barack Obama.
We first looked at a statement by Clinton in 2007, during her first campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. The claim: "Corporate profits are up, CEO pay is up, but average wages of Americans are flat." The rating: True.
Our fact-checks followed her through that campaign, her time as secretary of state and her return to presidential politics.
We've fact-checked Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton 227 times. See her statements, as of July 27, 2016, by rating below. (Photo/AP)
TrueMostly TrueHalf TrueMostly FalseFalsePants on Fire051015202530354045505560Fact-checks

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