Saturday, June 11, 2016

TRUMP TO NAME SON ERIC AS VICE PRESIDENT!!! (Newt turned Trump down so he has little choice)

(Rooters, New York) — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will choose his son, Eric Trump, as his vice presidential running mate, according to two sources close to the Trump campaign.
“To be quite frank, we couldn’t find anyone else who was willing to do it,” said one source close to the New York real estate mogul who wished to remain anonymous. “Look, when Newt (deleted) Gingrich turns you down, you know you’re pretty much (deleted) out of luck, because that guy will do anything for the right amount of money.”
A second source, who also wished to remain anonymous, confirmed Trump’s choice of his son Eric, noting, “Eric is a smart guy and he likes many of the same things his dad does. Mainly, blondes. That said, he’s also a very good businessman, and he has been handling much of his father’s real estate empire for the last five years or so as Donald was busy with his television work and running for president.”

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