Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump supporters are vile - Tweets from a Trump Rally: (Trump brings out the worst in his people)

  1. Overheard: immigrants aren't people, honey
  2. Confederate flags everywhere
  3. Just overheard: "you can't trust Latinos. Some maybe but not most"
  4. Rally ends. Crowd on way mumbling about immigrants. Vendors yelling HILLARY SUCKS BUT NOT LIKE MONICA. America. 2016.
  5. Two days after Orlando Massacre Trump says number one priority is protecting the Second Amendment
  6. Calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, says he was asked to apologized, will only apologize to Pocahontas. Guy next to me does a war dance
  7. Crowd calls for Berghdal to be shot, hung
  8. Says Clinton presidency would take crowd's guns, lusty boos, mysogynistic screams
  9. Calls Hillary "screaming maniac"
  10. Hillary "completely and totally unqualified"
  11. "Be gentle with these protestors. We don't want to be criticized. Let him go outside and burn the flag."
  12. Trump's speech has gone completely off the rails. Bragging about debate wins. Defeating Bush.
  13. Six men, but also sick
  14. Pack of sick men following intimidating protestor
  15. Protestor being manhandled out the door, supporters following, saying they're going to kick his ass
  16. Recites poem about snake, emphasizes line "Silly Woman," crowd goes nuts
  17. Trump says not to hurt protestor, several chant HURT HIM HURT HIM
  18. Trump comparing immigrants to snakes

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