Sunday, June 12, 2016

FOX: Compare how they covered the Trump Speech vs The Hillary speech. Quite different

If ever you needed proof that even Fox News’ so-called “objective” news is not, check out the contrast in its coverage of Hillary Clinton’s speech today and Donald Trump’s.
On the Outnumbered show, cohost Harris Faulkner discussed Hillary Clinton’s speech, over silent footage of it, at 12:57 ET. One minute later, Faulkner changed the subject to tease the Watters World show with the show’s guest, Jesse Watters.
At 1:01 PM ET, the Happening Now show announced it would “listen in” to Clinton’s speech. That began at 1:02 PM ET.
Four minutes later, host Jon Scott interrupted the speech, at 1:06 PM ET and began reporting on it. You’ll note he felt the need to explain away “the rousing applause” she got for supporting abortion rights and Planned Parenthood by saying that she was speaking at a Planned Parenthood group.
I know you’ll be shocked to learn that it was a totally different story with Donald Trump. Scott introduced Trump and we began to “listen in” at 1:25 PM ET. Unlike with Clinton, Trump’s speech went live with his introduction. And guess what? We got all of it. Fox concluded its coverage at 1:44 PM ET, as Trump was walking off the stage.
So, we got 4 minutes of Clinton speaking vs. 19 of Trump.
That's what passes for "fair and balanced" coverage on Fox News.
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