Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jon Stewart has a lie off with FOX - GREAT!

The video above is one of Jon Stewart’s best and most comprehensive analysis on Right Wing media tactics. It is important because thus far the tactics have been extremely successful.
“My announcement of leaving (the Daily Show) didn’t go unnoticed,” Jon Stewart said. He then showed various outlets discussing the meaning of his presence over the years. According to Megyn Kelly and other Fox News personalities, he was not a force for good, he largely added sarcasm, insults, and dishonest editing to the political discourse. That from the media network outlet that has been found purposely editing video clips to lie to their audience.
“I challenge you Fox News to a lie off,” Jon Stewart said. “Your distortion and lack of  fact footholds against mine.” Stewart then played a six second Vine clip of Fox News personalities telling 50 lies.

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