Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bill Maher kicks the asses of Republican Corporate Ass Kickers who are running for President.

Courtesy of You Tube:  

Bill Maher tonight made it easier for big-name GOP donors looking for candidates to back by presenting a “billionaire buyers guide” for which of the “corporate ass-lickers” running for president is the right choice for them. 

He ran the gamut from Rick Perry to Mitt Romney and everyone in between. For example, Maher played up “asshole” Ted Cruz who likes the Keystone XL pipeline because “he also oozed down from Canada to Texas.” 

Maher didn’t have much to say about Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, but he had a lot to say about Dr. ben Carson. He told the former neurosurgeon, “You’re an insane paranoid liar who will say absolutely anything, or as Fox News puts it, ‘When can you start?’”

I thought this was quite well done, but if I had one criticism it is that Maher suggested that Rand Paul has real hair that he styles to look like a toupee.

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