Monday, October 27, 2014

San Paolo Briazil is going dry - Global Warming happening NOW, this is the future.

Around 45 percent of São Paulo state -- home to more than 40 million people -- gets its water from a four-lake system known as the Cantareira reservoir. Back in August, a study from a federal agency predicted that São Paulo state could run completely dry in 100 days if rationing measures weren't implemented.
As Bloomberg now notes, water levels in Cantareira have dropped to just 3.3 percent of capacity -- the lowest levels ever -- after the water utility built a piping system to pump the last drops of water from the ailing reservoir. There's speculation amongst government officials that Cantareira will run completely dry in mid-November without rain, the Wall Street Journal reports. Things are not much better at the Alto Tiete reservoir, where water levels are at just 8.5 percent of capacity.

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