Sunday, August 18, 2013

The US allows untested products to be sold and people die.

The United States allows corporations to send whatever products they want into the marketplace, regardless of how dangerous those products are.  The theory is that once people notice how deadly something is, they will stop buying it and the "free-market" will magically correct itself.

Nations that use the regulated European way, however, force manufacturers to prove that products are safe to use before they’re available for purchase. This is called the “precautionary principle” and it requires manufacturers to prove to government, and thus to society, us that the new product is safe before it’s let it in the marketplace.

Scientists and health  experts knew as far back as one hundred years ago that asbestos caused a god-awful form of lung cancer called mesothelioma, but because America doesn’t use the precautionary principle, toxic asbestos was used in homes, workplaces, and even schools, well into the 1970s.

Now we have GMOs.  Will Genetically Modified Organisms be the next cause of death after 20 of 30 years of using US citizens as guinea pigs?

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