Sunday, December 23, 2012

Portland Bound

I am on my way to Portland and will be there for dinner with my family about 3 PM.

I sure needed the break.  Teaching is mentally tough.  I had so many kids who did not want school to end because their life is pretty rough.  It was sad actually listening to them say they are not looking forward to a vacation.  It was 5 degrees and windy when I left Juneau and it is 40+ in Seattle which feels warm.  The shooting in CT did not help, we were on hightened alert at school.  It just felt weird to look at all of those kids and think someone would go into a school and kill those innocent babies.  I am glad to be on break.  The mental pressure became less as soon as I got on the plane.

I am presently going through my will I retire at the end of this school year discussion with myself.  I feel like I am a positive influence on some kids who need someone to help them so it is difficult to decide.  If I teach next year, it will be my last though.

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