Friday, December 21, 2012

Creationism Banned in Orleans - About Time!!

We need future leaders who can analyze and take in a mass of information from differing sources and then do research and develop based on facts gleaned from what works and what does not work.

Creationism is religion.  The earth was made in 7 days and man was riding on a dinosaur too.
Once you believe this, the logical thought processes stop and YOU BELIEVE because someone who is making BIG BUCKS and wants to feel powerful,  said it so it is true.  He will also reference the Bible.

FUTURE:  The future is technology, which is going to include a LOT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT!  If we have a generation or two of I BELIEVE and will not even consider the scientific method of proving your idea and adapting and changing (evolving) then we are sunk.  Other nations, with strong Science and Math programs will move well beyond where we are as a nation.

I am very pleased to see places saying they will not fun Creationism!!  It is religion and should be taught in the Church or at home.

Finally - Creationism is banned from Orleans Schools. We need strong Science and Math Programs for our future growth as a nation.

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