Saturday, October 20, 2012

RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA and also elect Democrats to Congress so something can be done to move this country forward.  Enough of the REPUBLICANS voting NO consistantly!  We need to tax the wealthiest and it will take Democrats to make that possible.

I SAW A MOMMA BEAR AND TWO CUBS YESTERDAY:  Actually, I got within about 10 feet of them.  I was hiking in bear country and went to a spot and was looking for fish going up the stream when I saw Momma and the babies in the trees just 10 feet away.  She was looking away from me.  I took a few pictures and then slowly walked away.  I was scared when I was taking the pictures because it hit me that I was too close.  Momma was big, she looked ready for hibernation.  I thnk I deleted the pictures though.  I thought I downloaded onto my computer and deleted close to 900 photos from my camera.  I looked this morning for the pictures but they were gone.

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