Sunday, January 17, 2010

Floating the Yakima River

I have pictures but they are in the camera and i do not have a device to download them.

IT WAS A GREAT DAY! We had good weather too which was kind of amazing. Ron and Conner caught and released 3 Rainbow Trout. One trout was a big fish. It was close to being a record. It was a beautiful fish.

While floating down the river, we saw about 8 eagles, ducks, a goose that was only 5 or so feet away from us before he flew off. We did t even see the goose until he flew off.
Saw 3 or 4 blue Heron. Even saw an Osprey and a hawk. We also saw deer and a mountain goat too. The mountain goat just stayed there and looked at me.

The scenery in the Yakima Valley is pretty amazing too. We had snow and ice since it is January which was quite beautiful. The mountains are enormous and they shoot up from the river - what a way to spend a day.

I got to row much of the trip. Ron and Conner have fishing licenses and are quite good at fishing so they got to fish. Yesterday, 3 professional guides went down the river and caught 3 fish. Ron and Conner caught 3 fish with a shorter time on the water and one was a trophy fish.

I went to college in Ellensburg and floating down the river was a regular passtime for me, so I felt so good rowing the boat. Also, Conner has a wonderful inflatble raft with a frame which is so great. College days, I floated with an unframed raft which is so much harder to work than a framed raft.

What can I say. It was great.

I drove over to Seattle and will put a hitch on my car - hope it goes on smoothly.

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