Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday, a little girl in 3rd grade at my grandson's school fainted while on a field trip with her class. Her little brother is in my Grandson's class. 911 was called and she was transported to the hospital quickly. She passed away

I cannot imagine the pain and suffering which the family and the whole school are feeling today. She had a heart condition, which was known.

Life can be short. As a parent, it must be very sad to have a child or grandchild pass before I do.

We just need to appreciate life and those we love, we never know how long we are going to be around - even for our young.

I have been in a school where the janitor was knifed and killed before school. We had school that day and it was surreal. We had police lines, had to show ID and we had to keep people out of the school. Death at school affects many.

Yesterday was also the day that the balloon boy was the big story. He was found safe and found hiding in the attic. I wish that would have been the result for the little girl at my grandson's school.


Kim said...

Rich, so terribly sad to hear that. Yes indeed life is short so enjoy every minute of it. My heart absolutely breaks for the parents.

Rich said...

All people have weak areas on their DNA. If the weak areas of the male and female match up on the DNA when they link together = the child has a lifelong problem, illness or early death. After a little thought, it is a wonder that people and kids are so healthy.