Monday, October 26, 2009

Midnight - Boat Leaves/ fishing

I am on my way to Seattle to get on the fishing boat tonight. I need to be there at midnight. IT IS SUNNY IN SEATTLE! We had lots of rain last night in the San Juans so I am hoping it is sunny and calm. We will be on the boat until Tues or Wed - putting nets out snd fishing.

PIG WAR: Friday Harbor was the only place to almost have a war with England over a PIG. Friday Harbor was claimed by England and an American moved onto the island and set up a farm on good land. A pig from the English settlement kept going to the American's farm and eat some plants. The American kept returning the pig but it always returned. The American got mad and shot the pig. The English wanted a lot of money and it almost turned to a war. Gen George Pickett was called in to settle things down. Ultimately, an International tribunal gave the San Juans to the US. you can see Canada from parts of the San Juans.

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