Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emmonak flooded, raining in Juneau, Bear

Emmonak: It flooded pretty bad. The two Emo stores were closed and water was even up to the school. A parent had to take his kids to school in a boat. The road to the airport is under water. The runway did not flood. All this means that my old apartment was flooded out. My apartment was one of the lowest places in Emo. Bad news: The sewage lagoon must have flooded as well because it is just behind the school. The dump is swamped as well because it at the same elevation as the road to the airport. They are worried that the road to the airport got washed away with the flooding. Palin surprised everyone by asking for disaster assistance for the villages.

In juneau,it started raining on Memorial day and has not stopped. I watched 3 ships leave yesterday when the rain was pounding and the wind was blowing. A lady a few days ago was saying that the ship was being blown by the winds and causing people to get sick.
She said throw up bags were being used a lot. Sounds like a fun vacation to me.

These pictures are of the top of a waterfall on Perseverence Trail. it is so quiet and peaceful there. I think Mountain Goats hang out at this spot during the winter, there are lots of pellets on the ground. It is a good watering hole and they could hide away from the massive amounts of snow on top of Mt. Juneau.

BLACK BEAR AT MENDENHALL: I pulled up and the bear was on the walkway by the visitor's center. Buses, with tourists, were just arriving and Forest Service personnel were yelling at the bear telling it to leave now. The bear went into the bushes growling and barking as he went. My camera was in the truck or I could have had some good pictures. The bear felt he was being mistreated.


Kallen305 said...

Rich, the flooding sounds HORRIBLE. Do you have much damage w/ your own stuff?

Rich said...

I don't have anything there anymore. It is the Alaskan Village that I was in last year from Jan to June. It is the Yukon River that is flooding because of the ice breaking up, creating dams and backing up into villages. Many Villages got hit hard this year. Warm weather caused fast melting, ice damming and the flooding. It is the worst flooding in over 50 years.