Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vote Obama, More Snow, WHY DRILL ANWAR?

I just looked out the window and we have more snow. It was maybe two inches of new snow.

Vote Obama! I was thinking, Why does Sarah Palin want more and more drilling? I came to the conclusion because of the money. Alaska has no state wide sales tax or personal income tax. It is oil money that funds this state. The more drilling, the more money that comes in. The weird thing is, ALASKA HAS THE HIGHEST FUEL AND FUEL OIL COSTS IN THE US. I am still paying at least 4.10 for gas here in Juneau. In the bush last year, gas was 6.50 a gallon. I was told that this year the fuel costs have doubled in the bush. That would be 13.00 per gallon and for heating fuel too. It is minus 30 below from Jan - March. It is 12 degrees now in Bethel, AK.

OIL SPILL: An oil spill would kill the fishing as well as many animals. I lived with subsistence people and they cannot survive the year without catching fish and getting their animals. Any spill from drilling will have severe impacts for Native people.

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