Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more slush - 32 degrees Wed AM

This is the Alaska State Troopers (left) and the Post Office (right.) Lots of mud! Just after this picture, I saw a snow mobile driving on the snow to the left. The snow mobile traffic is slowing a lot. Now, the Quads are the big means of travel. Quads are a lot slower than snow mobiles.

It is 32 degrees Wed AM which is good because that will slow the melting a little.


Marcia said...

Must be a challenge getting around town with all the mud, slush and grizzly bears. Yikes! Be careful!

Julie said...

It must feel so good not to have to dress like a snowman everytime you go outdoors, this little town seems so quiet, no hustle bustle like you have in Seattle, that would be a blessing.