Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joshua Tree with Tricia and Shad

Camera down - Contrast time: Here is a photo of Tricia and Shad hiking in Joshua Tree'

Shad hiked on his own for over 1.5 miles on a regular trail. He did an amazing job on this hike. (Joshua Tree is a great desert area about 50 miles from Palm Springs, CA.


Brianna said...

He is SO cute!

And don't tell Sky, but I honestly think Shad would take him in a "How Far Can You Walk Without Whining?" contest.

And sheesh...what a hot mamma!

Trish said...

You're funny Bri. Shad may very well out hike a lot of kids, but he does not do well going up hill on hikes. The whines emerge for us, too.

Cute kids those nephews of mine.