Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ashley and Brian are getting married!

Ash and her fiance Brian are getting married in Las Vegas. They are looking at possible dates now.

I tried to get them to come Emmonak, AK to get married in the community Center. She thought I was kidding. Lots of salmon, carabou, eskimo dancers who would like to perform for her wedding. She and Brian could ride off on a 4 wheeler instead of a limo. It would be a beautiful thing.


Ashley said...

HAHA!!! I'm not sure Brian would see the blizzardy weather as very romantic....he's a warm and sunny kind of guy. Nice try though! You almost made your village a more touristy place!

Rich said...

Actually, In June, it is warmer in June - maybe even 60 degrees. June is also when the ice breaks up, I am told.

I think it would be great to have you ride off in a 4 wheeler after being married.

Wait - we have a school van that could be your wedding rig. I will get a picture to show you.

Brianna said...

First comes love, then comes marriage! Then comes...

(Watch out!)

Marcia said...

I can't imagine Ashley and Brian wanting to get married in Las Vegas instead of Emmonak, Alaska.
What are those kids thinking!?!

Trish said...

Gar and I might have done that.

Hey, Kim and Scott are the tough, Alaskan wilderness type. They may have considered that option if you'd only been a little earlier in your invitation Dad. I imagine Kim's plans are pretty set as of now.

Ashley said... don't think we're tough? RUDE!!!