Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Vandalism at Trump Hollywood Star: Gold Toilet with Sign - TAKE A TRUMP. POLICE: We will not get involved.

President Donald Trump just got a massive rejection from one of the top police officers in our nation’s 2nd largest city.
Trump’s star on the Hollywood strip in California has repeatedly been vandalized since Trump entered office. In response, the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission recently said he’s in favor of ripping Trump’s star out of the sidewalk altogether!
Matthew Johnson is the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission. This week, he responded to the controversy and dissed Trump in a big way.
“I’m in favor of (defacing Trump’s star). … I’m definitely in favor of getting rid of the star,” Johnson told a TMZ reporter after he was spotted on the street in Los Angeles.
 L.A. Police Commission President Matt Johnson is tough on crime … but not when it comes to vandalizing Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
We got the Police Commission Prez at Craig’s in WeHo Monday night, and he had no problem with Trump haters going to town on the star.
He goes a step further and thinks honoring Trump on Hollywood Blvd. needs to be reconsidered. In other words, Johnson wants the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to 86 the star.
The latest stunt on the Hollywood walk included putting a golden toilet on top of Trump’s star, marked with the phrase “Take a Trump.”
Hours after the vandalism was discovered, the local police had mad no effort toward investigating and the local Chamber of Commerce didn’t seem to care either. The truth is that nobody seems to care when people disrespect Trump because nobody likes Trump.
An epic prank pulled off in California over the weekend is proving how unpopular President Donald Trump truly is.
A group of hilarious anti-Trump resisters installed a golden toilet right next to Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The toilet has a picture of a pic and it says “Take a Trump!” on it.
But here’s the best part of all – nobody in California seemed to care that Trump’s star had been vandalized and disrespected. Hours after the stunt was discovered, nobody had reported it and the police were not investigating.
As TMZ reported, “Law enforcement sources tell us no one has reported the vandalism, and they’re not yet investigating the toilet prank. We’ve reached out to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as well, which oversees the stars’ maintenance … so far, no word back.”

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