Friday, August 4, 2017

Trump Supporters talk about WAR after the Trump Grand Jury is set up.

As anyone who follows politics probably already knows, Thursday the news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a Washington Grand Jury as part of his investigation. What people don’t know – unless they’re immersed in the various pro-Trump communities on the internet – is how Trump’s core base is reacting to this news

The echo-chambers started up slowly Thursday evening after the Grand Jury announcement. Friday, the pledges of violence and gunfire continued to ramp up

Some veterans seem to have forgotten that their oath is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and not the sitting president  And of course everybody knows what kind of people is in the Grand Jury  The level of denial and ignorance in these communities is obviously stunning, but one must not forget that this is the core of the core of Trump’s supporters, and they will willingly and happily decry as “fake news” anything that collides with their mental image of the savior of the American people.
Lastly, a fair warning: Do not enter into these dens of Trumpism if you are too sensitive; many find it to be a cesspool of racism and bigotry. Who is to say whether these threats are empty and hollow or very real? Unfortunately, the moment that we might learn that the threats are very real will be when it is too late. That moment when their “Second Amendment Solutions” is brought to life. The moment when an innocent person is shot and/or killed.

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