Saturday, August 5, 2017

Obama Impersonator says what Trump says. (GOP would have gone nuts if the real Pres Obama had said this crap)

Maher Brings on Obama Impersonator to Read Trump Quotes: How Would the GOP Have Reacted?

Bill Maher tonight brought back Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown so he could recite a few of President Trump‘s more outlandish comments.
Maher was making a point about Republican hypocrisy, saying that Trump continues to get away with doing things that they never would have accepted under his predecessor.
“Clearly,” he added, “the term Republican principles no longer has any meaning.”
So “Obama” recited a few choice Trump quotes, from “I have a very good brain” to “I moved on her like a bitch.”
And Maher said there’s no way the GOP and Fox News would have been okay with any of that

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