Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Veterans upset with Trump's transgender ban in the US Military - Well worth reading.

Military Veterans Just Gave A Scathing Response To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Today, in a transparent attempt to shift attention from his scandal-plagued White House to a cause that would fire up his bigoted strongholds of his base, President Trump took to Twitter to tell thousands of brave service members “you’re fired.”
Our draft-dodging Commander-in-Chief marked the 69th anniversary of the integration of U.S. Armed Forces by announcing a sudden ban on the military service of transgender Americans.
While the president labeled transgender service members a burden, many of our nations veterans describe them differently. (Tweets below.)
Courageous. Professional. Honorable. Asset.
Here is the statement from Vote Vets, a non-profit organization backed by more than 500,000 of our nations heroes promoting issues central to the lives or U.S. military veterans:
The statement confirms what is patently obvious to all but Trump’s most ardent followers: This decision is not motivated by military goals. President Trump is using the LGBT community to incite a debate that victimizes many of our nation’s heroes for no purpose but to score political points.
Below are some of the messages from veterans enraged by Trump’s exploitation of the military. By making their voices heard, they continue to serve the country they have protected.
(This first tweet came during the eight minute gap between the president announcing a ban and revealing who he was banning.)
Real talk: @potus, who was too big coward to serve in the military during Vietnam, is now banning people who are trying to serve our country
Real talk: @potus, who was too big coward to serve in the military during Vietnam, is now banning people who are trying to serve our country
Lots of courageous transgender troops are honorably serving in our armed forces. Removing them weakens our country & our military.

Maybe @realDonaldTrump’s fake military school skewed his view of the military. For those of us who served transgender service is no problem.

.@votevets: Imagine how it feels to be told your service isn't good enough "by a man who never had the courage himself to serve."
....victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you
You don't know anything about service. Shame on you.
You are dishonoring people who, unlike you, actually donned the uniform to serve their nation.
This is yet another vicious attack on our troops from an illegitimate "leader" who only uses military and veterans as political props.
The greatest "burden" on our military is a reckless, ignorant CIC who dishonors the office and actively undermines our national security.

Are you/someone you know a transgender service member or veteran who wants to speak out (anon if needed)? Email 

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