In the wake of a global backlash against him, Trump’s response is all too predictable. He is sidestepping his own unpresidential acts and miscalculations  to defame his favorite targets on Twitter: the free press, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.
Somehow, in posing the hypothetical situation, he seems to have forgotten that Chelsea is not just the daughter of a presidential candidate, she is the daughter of a president. Worse for Trump, Chelsea has the ability to respond to the president’s bogus accusations. (Below.)
In one perfect tweet, the former First Daughter destroyed Trump’s juvenile, ill-informed assault while still managing to show respect for the Office of the President of the United States.
Like Chelsea, we all hope Trump was not giving the country away, and we shudder to live in a reality where the President of the United States does not think twice before implying that he did.
Thank you, Chelsea Clinton, for continuing to be a voice for rational thought.