Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trump / Russia connection just got worse for Trump! Peter Smith, Republican Operative was seriously involved.

Russia scandal takes an alarming turn for Trump World



Bannon, Conway named in GOP activist hacker recruitment doc: WSJ

On Thursday night, the Wall Street Journalpublished an important piece on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, noting that a longtime Republican operative, Peter Smith, assembled a team that set out to obtain Hillary Clinton emails. To that end, Smith and his cohorts reached out to people they believed to be Russian hackers, affiliated with Russia’s government, because Smith and his cohorts thought these hackers may have stolen the materials.
The point, as we discussed last week, was to then use the stolen documents in the United States, exploiting materials from Russia to affect the American election. In other words, we’re talking about a group of folks who, in a rather literal sense, tried to collude with Russia as part of the country’s attack on our election.
Just as importantly, while Smith wasn’t officially part of Trump’s presidential campaign, he did tell multiple people on multiple occasions that this project was coordinated with Michael Flynn – who at the time was a senior adviser to Trump, and who went on to become the White House National Security Advisor in the Trump administration.
Over the holiday weekend, the Wall Street Journal moved the ball forward with some additional details.

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